Advice on Almsgiving

Given the recent thing about immigration and helping your neighbor, and likewise my own recent experience, this is a thought-tie-in about helping out the poor i.e. almsgiving. Everyone agrees that we should help those less fortunate than us. I live in a big city, and wherein I work there are a lot of homeless people. One thing that comes to my mind every day is … Continue reading Advice on Almsgiving

What does Catholicism believe about natural evil – cancer, birth defects, etc?

(From an question) I’m going to assume that this question is more in the sense of: “Why does God allow natural evils in the world?” For, if I were to strictly take the question literally, the only answer really is – They’re bad – which isn’t a very interesting answer. Now Catholicism, as a whole, will say that God allows evils so that a … Continue reading What does Catholicism believe about natural evil – cancer, birth defects, etc?

How do we know whether morality is objective?

(From a question) I would say the question is kind of like a misnomer. Now I’m not saying the question is irrelevant, but merely that its terms are not being properly used. It may appear pedantic as I explain, but I view that it is a change in views through history that occurred during modernity. Instead of asking, “how do we know whether morality … Continue reading How do we know whether morality is objective?

Transcript: Extrapolation of Atheism

  Today I wanted to take a look at a very heated debate about atheism, namely that whether anything can be extrapolated from Atheism, and if so, what logically follows from it. The answer, that I find, varies. The theist is right, in one sense, that the atheist necessarily falls into nihilism and absurdity; the theist is also wrong, in another sense, in that the … Continue reading Transcript: Extrapolation of Atheism

Icons and Idols: A Semiotic Theology

So today I want to discuss with yall the topic of Idols and Icons. Firstly though, if you haven’t watched my beginner’s guide to semiotics, I’d suggest watching that first. Don’t worry, I can wait. To give a quick primer, remember that signs acts as referents. They signifiy a specific signified thing. Signs, by their very definition, cannot signify themselves, otherwise they become unintelligible. Such … Continue reading Icons and Idols: A Semiotic Theology

Abraham, Job, Easter, and Christian Anxiety

Abraham reasoned that God could even raise the dead, and so in a manner of speaking he did receive Isaac back from death. Hebrews 11:19 Though he slay me, I will hope in him Job 13: 15 There is a kind of anxiety among Christians when God demands something back or takes something away from us, as he does with Job and Abraham. We may … Continue reading Abraham, Job, Easter, and Christian Anxiety

Wolf & Forest: Chapter One

Aziz gazed into the horizon from the forest, watching the small flicker of fires that blazed in their lanterns above the cobbled bridge. He would not enter. Not yet. There was no rush. He had spent the night sleeping outside the city limits of Gerstund among the fallen leaves. The next day he woke late, drifting in and out of sleep as the sun rose … Continue reading Wolf & Forest: Chapter One