Wolf & Forest: Chapter One

Aziz gazed into the horizon from the forest, watching the small flicker of fires that blazed in their lanterns above the cobbled bridge. He would not enter. Not yet. There was no rush. He had spent the night sleeping outside the city limits of Gerstund among the fallen leaves. The next day he woke late, drifting in and out of sleep as the sun rose … Continue reading Wolf & Forest: Chapter One

Known vs Not-Known Signifiers

Given a recent spat I’m having discussing things about free will, sin, and the like with someone on Twitter, I decided to make a blog post in relation to it. In the realm of signifiers, there exists three possible relations between the knower and the signified. By signifiers I speak of those things which point towards another, specifically, words themselves. The signified is that which … Continue reading Known vs Not-Known Signifiers

A Critique on Christian Apologetics

Everyone is more or less aware of my own stance on Apologetics in reference to myself: I don’t do it. But a few shower thoughts (literally) have occurred to me, and which I think are nevertheless important, and which are too long for twitter. My aim is not nonbelievers, but rather the Christian himself. I’ve noticed a trend in Christian Apologetics, especially those that attempt … Continue reading A Critique on Christian Apologetics

God and Insignificant beings

There is an atheistic trope that attempts that show why God either does not exist or does not interfere with our lives: We are insignificant beings whereas God, being a supreme being, has better things to do than watch over us at all times. Now against this trope it would suffice to say that “¬†For God so loved the world that he gave his one … Continue reading God and Insignificant beings

A Proof for God

Many unbelievers and nonbelievers alike ask for proofs on the existence of God. So in regards to their pleas for such, I will give one. The nature of this argument is to fulfill two roles specifically, which are the predominant issues among unbelievers and nonbelievers alike: Because not all are alike in the competence of philosophical inquiry, therefore it is necessary that this argument reach … Continue reading A Proof for God