Transcript: Extrapolation of Atheism

  Today I wanted to take a look at a very heated debate about atheism, namely that whether anything can be extrapolated from Atheism, and if so, what logically follows from it. The answer, that I find, varies. The theist is right, in one sense, that the atheist necessarily falls into nihilism and absurdity; the theist is also wrong, in another sense, in that the … Continue reading Transcript: Extrapolation of Atheism

Icons and Idols: A Semiotic Theology

So today I want to discuss with yall the topic of Idols and Icons. Firstly though, if you haven’t watched my beginner’s guide to semiotics, I’d suggest watching that first. Don’t worry, I can wait. To give a quick primer, remember that signs acts as referents. They signifiy a specific signified thing. Signs, by their very definition, cannot signify themselves, otherwise they become unintelligible. Such … Continue reading Icons and Idols: A Semiotic Theology

Abraham, Job, Easter, and Christian Anxiety

Abraham reasoned that God could even raise the dead, and so in a manner of speaking he did receive Isaac back from death. Hebrews 11:19 Though he slay me, I will hope in him Job 13: 15 There is a kind of anxiety among Christians when God demands something back or takes something away from us, as he does with Job and Abraham. We may … Continue reading Abraham, Job, Easter, and Christian Anxiety

A Critique on Christian Apologetics

Everyone is more or less aware of my own stance on Apologetics in reference to myself: I don’t do it. But a few shower thoughts (literally) have occurred to me, and which I think are nevertheless important, and which are too long for twitter. My aim is not nonbelievers, but rather the Christian himself. I’ve noticed a trend in Christian Apologetics, especially those that attempt … Continue reading A Critique on Christian Apologetics

God and Insignificant beings

There is an atheistic trope that attempts that show why God either does not exist or does not interfere with our lives: We are insignificant beings whereas God, being a supreme being, has better things to do than watch over us at all times. Now against this trope it would suffice to say that “¬†For God so loved the world that he gave his one … Continue reading God and Insignificant beings

A Proof for God

Many unbelievers and nonbelievers alike ask for proofs on the existence of God. So in regards to their pleas for such, I will give one. The nature of this argument is to fulfill two roles specifically, which are the predominant issues among unbelievers and nonbelievers alike: Because not all are alike in the competence of philosophical inquiry, therefore it is necessary that this argument reach … Continue reading A Proof for God