A Proof for God

Many unbelievers and nonbelievers alike ask for proofs on the existence of God. So in regards to their pleas for such, I will give one. The nature of this argument is to fulfill two roles specifically, which are the predominant issues among unbelievers and nonbelievers alike: Because not all are alike in the competence of philosophical inquiry, therefore it is necessary that this argument reach … Continue reading A Proof for God

Philosophical Floors and Ceilings

Early this morning (as all my philosophical discussions tend to happen), my friends and I were arguing with another friend as to how water can be found in soda and milk, since he said it wasn’t in it. I won’t bore you with the details of that argument, but we essentially told our friend that “You shouldn’t speak on things you don’t know.” Taken as … Continue reading Philosophical Floors and Ceilings