My Poetry: Constellation

As nature’s light is never spent, there lives A quickgold, whitegold glimmering light calls out The day all flash and outflamed eyes, last lights The night holds generations gathered greets And glows the sight. The firefolk family’d fresh, Fleshed, heaven’s flunged tongue threshed the elder minds A thunder throne or year’s fall spheres wall bones And beasts that, rolling, roaring, rivers sky A thousand stories. … Continue reading My Poetry: Constellation

A Favorite Phrase: Logical Fallout

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and not so much writing on it. Considering that my own philosophical thoughts are more for myself than others, I find little need to write them for public discourse, i.e. I am interested in knowing what is truth; whether my neighbor wants to know, care to know, or needs to know is irrelevant to me. I am … Continue reading A Favorite Phrase: Logical Fallout