The Thornweaver: Ch. 3

The man in the distance shook his lantern, like how one would shake a container to free it of something. Flame dripped into the air, rising and taking shape. The serpent was birthed from flames, its form straightening from the flicker of light that pervaded the lantern. The fire coiled around him, his friend, and the dragon, encircling them as my thorn’s had guarded me … Continue reading The Thornweaver: Ch. 3

My Poetry: The Eagle; Heaven’s Hero

The Eagle; Heaven’s Hero I fear the beating eagle’s wings heard high Here hurling dark, devouring eyes against Me, me, the bitter, bone-dry prey. With turns This whirlwind shrills, breaks day, and glides the brink With heaven’s heirs conspiring, firefolk hung There finding tongue to stroke my hiding. Eye’d, I, frantic, flee the wanting wing, that haunt Of primal, plum plumes plummeting on a swing … Continue reading My Poetry: The Eagle; Heaven’s Hero

Signifiers, the World, and Meaning

Thought experiment: The world as meaningless because it does not signify. We, as rational animals, are sign-users; that is, we operate with signs. Within signs we have the signifier and the signified. We use signifiers everyday–we call it language, and this language points us towards a reality, the signified. When I say  the word ‘apple,’ as signifier, I am speaking of an actual apple, the … Continue reading Signifiers, the World, and Meaning

My Poetry: The Lord of the Tree

Time ripples, rings the rim a thousand names; Wood echoes mortal beauty scoring dew A dappled drink of shade. Eternity An evening aches as autumn bleeds, the lord Of the tree weeps his wringing, whirling heart A heavy hurl, heaved wild love long and longed The late wood’s fate would strong the rounding rims. The binding bark breaks bones, bears groans though blood Had brimmed … Continue reading My Poetry: The Lord of the Tree

My Poetry: An Exile

My rural city, country’d rock, whose folk Flock, cliff, lift up, and down a glory gleaned And foreigned, I, you welcomed, I Have cast out. Out! It shallows, shames ear, heart, To hear the bell-branched tower’s distance draw Me near. Echoes yell, telling way, since eyes Went ways, went sights, have wasted light. Where wolves Wheel joy, wane will, and wild this troubled mind, This … Continue reading My Poetry: An Exile