Book Quotes: Addressing Honest Atheism

Karl Rahner called “amazement at the silence of God” and “the absence of God in the world” a “genuine and powerful experience.” Those who have had this experience, he says, tend to give it an atheistic interpretation, “looking upon it as evidence of the non-existence of God,” whereas it is simply the “experience that God does not fit into the world picture.” Christian metaphysics, he continues, has always known this “but…has lived it too little.” Moreover, the “vulgar version of Christianity has failed to deal with” the element of truth in that “troubled atheism.” The task before us, he contends, is to “accept” that experience and “not repress it with the premature, cheap apologetics of an anthropomorphic ‘belief in God.'”


Josef Pieper, On Faith VIII

>Karl Rahner, Schriften zur Theologie, vol. 3


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