The Thornweaver: Ch. 1

I came to my senses within the frozen, dark forest. Grotesque shadows revolved around me, echoing the shattered light of the moon. I knew not from where I came, but only that I should move on. The snow was heavy, pounding the earth as an animal (A bird?) flew from its perch on the branches. Looking above, I saw its silhouette disappear into the night, … Continue reading The Thornweaver: Ch. 1

He Discovers Deep Things in Darkness

It wasn’t until two in the morning when Timothy found, by accident, that he had wasted the whole day. He woke earlier in afternoon, eager to check for any replies from the message board. The dull, white screen illuminated his face. He was a college kid, who had nothing better to do than to argue with strangers he never met. Sometimes he wondered and imagined … Continue reading He Discovers Deep Things in Darkness

Book Quotes: Addressing Honest Atheism

Karl Rahner called “amazement at the silence of God” and “the absence of God in the world” a “genuine and powerful experience.” Those who have had this experience, he says, tend to give it an atheistic interpretation, “looking upon it as evidence of the non-existence of God,” whereas it is simply the “experience that God does not fit into the world picture.” Christian metaphysics, he … Continue reading Book Quotes: Addressing Honest Atheism

My Poetry: The Dragonfly

When summer glazes grass gold, graze its field The dimmed diamond you are. Catch heaven’s haunt Free fall his air, yet Death’s decreed force flees, And skate the loved-low grass, then off—swooped bend He sweeps the sky, hurling his heaven home’d, His heaven-havened heart. The double winged Darter who daunts his wind, his dappled wings Flash fire off frame and eagers earth the end It … Continue reading My Poetry: The Dragonfly

Book Quotes: A Good Man is Hard to Find

Alone with The Misfit, the grandmother found that she had lost her voice. There was not a cloud in the sky nor any sun. There was nothing around her but woods. She wanted to tell him that he must pray. She opened and closed her mouth several times before anything came out. Finally she found herself saying, “Jesus. Jesus,” meaning, Jesus will help you, but … Continue reading Book Quotes: A Good Man is Hard to Find

A Return to the Ontological Argument

I came across a video on another blog that depict’s the age-old ontological argument by Anselm. Apparently it’s been modified heavily since (I don’t really keep track of the philosophy world as I should). If you don’t care for the video, here is the argument in its syllogistic form: It is possible that a Maximally Great Being exists. If it is possible that a maximally … Continue reading A Return to the Ontological Argument