Wholes and Parts (Some random logical musings)

If the whole is greater than the part, then the part is lesser than the whole: The part is never equal to the whole (and vice versa); The part and the whole are always unequal. The part is always contained by the whole (~vv); The whole always contains the part (~vv); The whole and the part always have a relation, insofar as they are a … Continue reading Wholes and Parts (Some random logical musings)

Facts, Shoulds, and Non-Sequiturs

Recently I polled as to whether or not the following conditional statement is NOT a non-sequitur: “If you steal something, then you should give it back.” What am I asking for here, exactly? Is this some kind of trick, Monty? Nope. What is being asked is whether the consequent logically follows from the antecedent; namely, does it  follow that “you should give it back” from … Continue reading Facts, Shoulds, and Non-Sequiturs

Wittgenstein v. Thomism: Causal Principles

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus 5.12  In particular, the truth of a proposition ‘p’ follows from the truth of another proposition ‘q’ is all the truth-grounds of the latter are truth-grounds of the former. 5.121 The truth-grounds of the one are contained in those of the other: p follows from q 5.122  If p follows from q, the sense of ‘p’ is contained in the sense of ‘q’ … Continue reading Wittgenstein v. Thomism: Causal Principles

Nihilism & Thomism Inferences (i.e. Catholicism)

Nihilism is to Thomism (thus, Catholicism) as Satan is to the court of angels in the Book of Job. There is an inter-meshing between these contradictory points that rests on logical inference. We might say it as this: Certain nihilist propositions are correct as conditionals; however, being conditionals shows that the contrary conclusion to Nihilism is true. For a common example through Job, God and … Continue reading Nihilism & Thomism Inferences (i.e. Catholicism)

RE: Godless Cranium – Challenge to Christian Community

An atheist on Youtube, Godless Cranium (“GC”), proposed a question to the Christian Community, as well as sympathetic atheists to religion: What beneficial aspects of religion can’t be replaced by secular means? [ctrl+F – “If you have read this far” – to see my answer for tl;dr] This was several months ago, so I suppose my response is a bit late. Yet I’ve decided to … Continue reading RE: Godless Cranium – Challenge to Christian Community